February 2021 | All about expressions & gestures

My third assignment for my class was all about figures, expressions & gestures. I always find drawing faces, hands, people in general quite challenging. When I was younger, my dad (one of my big supporters when it came to exploring my artistic side) used to drive me quite far for all my art classes whether that was driving 45 minutes for my Oil Painting Class and then waiting in that same area for about 1-1.5 hours until I was done. He also enrolled me into a caricature class which I thought was quite fun but  struggled to understand the concepts. 

That being said, I'm trying to push myself to learn more core principles and concepts in the world of illustration.

Let's show you what I came up with! 

1. Ultimately, I wanted to create a 1-2 panel story by drawing a relatable series. I started of just getting the hang of sculpting my drawings, focusing a lot on the construction hierarchy using circles and lines. Then, I started breaking that down to smaller segments.

2. Using the line of action concept, I suggested a few stances and movements. As I was playing around, I got an idea to make a little comic strip of my husband and me. I created some with us working at our desks and us trying to "work from home" together. I used circles, spheres, ovals, odd shapes to just imagine how it would all play out. Eventually, I had a change of heart and wanted to capture another relatable pose. I started sketching the scene, and used the line of action concept as my baseline to build my structure again.

3. Once I drew the skeleton, I started playing with the proportion and the size. I noticed my husband looked larger than me so I had to modify the size of the drawing. For the first piece, I had a difficult time drawing my face as it was turned to the side rather than just facing straight.

4. Once the structure and body was all complete, I decided to add some emotion into the strip by adding facial expressions. I wanted to capture my character's excitement and sadness. Personally, the toughest part was to capture our key facial/body characteristics to ensure there is some similarity between us and these characters. As I look at my comic strip, I would like to push myself to exagerate the character's facial expressions more. I decided to try to position my facial features by testing out dots/dashes and checks. 


The players in this vignette are my husband and I and the scene is in our living room in our condo in Toronto. My husband recently bought a PS5 and I wanted to create a piece that was relatable to others and has a bit of comic relief. I would say my artistic style is quite simple, I love line art and black/white images. I decided to keep this simple but may explore adding some bright yellow/blue colours in the background as I continue to build the A to Zan comic strip series.