February 2021 | All about Colour Theory, Semiotics & Illustration 

My second assignment for my Illustration Essentials class at OCAD University was all about looking into colour theory and understanding the value of semiotics.  We were asked to create a set of bathroom signs or a set of wine bottle labels. Before I dive into thumbnails and sketching, I wanted to determine my focus and my theme for this assignment. 

As a South Asian immigrant, I felt that there weren't a lot of brands/images + art that were relatable to my community. Those individuals who are grown up in a south asian household, probably go through many similar experiences - dealing with aunties at your mosques, churches, temples, etc. who ask questions to find out your marital status, trying to embrace your desi culture when you are surrounded by non-desis, explaining to people that not all brown people are Indian, managing community expectations and just so much more!


Painting/drawing is my catharsis for my thoughts & experiences and I'd like to use this medium to amplify the voices of all South Asians.

Therefore, I decided to create two pop art illustrations catered around this idea - Check it out!

Assignment Details: 

Wine Labels: Every second, at least 200, 000 humans on this planet are standing before a bank of wine bottles in a liquor store wondering, “which wine will impress my guests?”

1. Create a word list for the thumbnails/concept sketches: funny, relatable, different, ironic, colourful, pop art. 

2. Thumbnail sketches: Created 10-14 2x2" thumbnail sketches that just helped get the ideas flowing. 

3. Create 2 colour finals: Unfortunately, this time around, I didn't get a chance to create a Google Form and ask around for feedback due to my capacity for the week. However, I did share some of my sample ideas with my husband and a few friends & family over text.