💁🏽‍♀ Yes, Contractor is my real last name. 

I am a seasoned talent acquisition professional who uses my significant expertise in people analytics to drive and deliver enterprise-level programs.

Passionate about organizational psychology, corporate innovation and data, I help global companies source top talent, build strong teams, and perfectly leverage technology to ensure recruitment activities create positive business results.  

My professional experience, which spans the nonprofit, healthcare, education, and technology sectors, has led to many successful career opportunities, including co-developing and teaching the first People Analytics Certification Program at York University.

On top of running a People Analytics consultancy, I am a Senior Strategy Manager, People Analytics for TELUS Digital. In my spare time, I am an avid runner, world traveler, and artist.



When I am not working in the people / data space, I enjoy painting with different mediums, being outdoors and learning more about human psychology. I've had the pleasure of exploring  25 countries and am hoping to get to 30 in the next few years. 


When I am not working at TELUS Digital as a Senior Strategy Manager, People Analytics - you can find me creating new art pieces or working towards my goal of running a half marathon. I am currently working on a couple art pieces to submit to international contests. I've had the pleasure of exploring 25 countries and am hoping to get to 30 in the next few years. 


Past Speaking Engagements


Envision Conference (DECA U) - Panelist

DECA Ontario - Workshop Facilitator on Personal Branding

InnovateWorkHR - Panelist on People Analytics

University of Toronto x Women in Business - Speaker


#PeopleAnalyticsTO January Meet-up - Host | Toronto, ON

#PeopleAnalyticsTO March Meet-up - Host | Toronto, ON
Tech Talent Acquisition - Speaker | Ottawa, ON
HR Analytics Summit 2019 - Speaker | Toronto, ON

Agile Recruitment - Speaker | Webinar

Digital Talent Acquisition Summit 2019 - Speaker | Toronto, ON

Adobe Experience Makers - Speaker | Toronto, ON

#PeopleAnalyticsTO October Meet-up - Host | Toronto, ON


Talent Acquisition Design Sprint @ Cineplex - Facilitator | Toronto, ON
Know your Talent Workshop - Facilitator | Dallas, TX

Digital Talent Acquisition Summit 2020 - Speaker | Toronto, ON

People Analytics Summit 2020 - Speaker | Virtual 



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